Hi. I’m Lisa and I created this blog to help people who are looking to free themselves from that 9-5 daily grind. More and more people are looking for legitimate ways to work from home than ever before. The internet has made it possible to earn real income while having the flexibility to work from anywhere. But where do you start? How do you know which jobs are legit? That’s where The Lisa Project comes in. I research all the ways you can work from home and interview people who are successfully working from home. Find out how other people got started and are now successfully working from home.

What makes The Lisa Project unique is that I only post jobs that you can do at home THAT PAY WELL! I also provide all the tools and resources so you can get started today!

I believe everyone who wants to work should be able to get a job. Unfortunately, in today’s society that doesn’t always happen. The Lisa Project is committed to helping everyone find work. That’s why each month, we donate a portion of our proceeds to a different nonprofit who’s mission is to help those in need find work.

JobTrain Youtube Video

This month’s contribution will go to JobTrain. JobTrain is a charitable organization that helps people in low income areas get the necessary job skills and training. Plus they teach resume writing, interviewing skills and they help people find jobs too! How great is that! https://www.jobtrainworks.org/